clik disini ye

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

thank you guys,,,you gave back our hope,,,,,,

                            Harimau Malaya vs Laos
harap pemain kita buktikan yang
kita antara pasukan terkuat di asia
tenggara,,,,,rakyat malaysia mahu
menang malam ni......yakinkan kami
bahawa anda memang layak bermain
untuk negara.......go go golllll

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

i'm so so tired working today,,,,,,
starts  from 10am till 7.40pm i'm stuck with one problem.repairing matter...oh my god..i'm speechless..
wonder why such many equipment  problems this 2,3 days..No matter whats the problem
if we can settle it thats is a credit for our selves and satisfaction....set your mind i can do it...yes i,,,  you,,,,dont give style,,,,if you stuck with one problem without solution,,take a break....
go for a coffee with wafels...then the idea will come..dont force..give your brain little space..ha ha..
Then going back home im stuck to the rain,,,,oohhh,,,its feel good...cooolll.such long time ive havent play with the rain,,,,

stuck in this very very tiny room.....i'm glad that all the cockroach all focus
with my job..otherwise my eyes spinning around aware from my know,,,,

ok my dearest blogger friends.....bye

today  i'm so so tired.....

Monday, November 26, 2012

Will you one day look back on today and wonder 
why you were so afraid to take action? 
Will you look back one day and not be able to understand 
why you let so many of life's trivial, minor inconveniences
 get you down and hold you back in such a major way?

Or will you look back on this day and be forever thankful
 for the way you spent it and the value you created by 
making full use of the time available? 
Will you look back fondly and see this day as a positive turning point 
that launched you toward fulfillment of your most treasured dreams.

Today can eventually become a source of regret or it can 
become a source of continuing value. 
The way it goes depends entirely on how you live the moments 
and hours that are yours right now in this day.

Time is the raw material for success and achievement, 
and time is what you have this very day. 
The time you need to achieve the life of 
your dreams is coming to you even now.

No matter what has come before or in what circumstances you find yourself, 
there is one thing you can always do. You can make the very most of whatever you have, 
of wherever you find yourself, of the time that is available for you to use. 
Do that today, tomorrow, the next day and the next, 
and you'll have very little to regret and much for which to be grateful.

~Ralph Marston~

Sunday, November 25, 2012

my sweet sweet princess

Terdapat 3 golongan yang hampir-hampir melangkah masuk ke dalam syurga, namun akhirnya dia dilemparkan ke dalam api neraka…......
1. Seorang mujahid, yang berjuang dan akhirnya dia mati syahid.
Dia hampir melangkah masuk ke dalam syurga, tapi sebelum dia melangkah, ALLAH bertanya kepadanya,“Wahai Mujahid, kenapa kamu masuk ke dalam syurga?”